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Analysis and prospects of development of the bank audit in Russia

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A bank system is the most important part of the market economy and the most important sphere of the national household of any developed state. A bank system is a key link of a credit system which connects the main credit and financial operations. A practical role of the bank system is that it manages the system of payments and accounts in the state.


The condition and efficiency of the bank system depend significantly on the efficiency of the credit organizations audit, on the completeness and sufficiency of law norms and rules on which the audit is based, and on the quality of the audit methods. The bank audit is significantly based on checking and estimating the internal control systems which are worked out to confirm accounting records, the safety of assets, and to confirm and evaluate both assets and liabilities.


Auditing the results of the bank’s financial activity, the legality of accrual and use of the profit, auditors, as a rule, find out mistakes in the profit distribution, especially in the calculation of tax benefits. Carrying out the bank audit, auditors should pay attention to the fact that the bank can fully dispose of the earnings from the credit aid provided to the government of the Russian Federation, the Central Bank and the Foreign Trade Bank against their guarantees. It is also necessary to check whether the bank accounts tax benefits provided by the placement of earnings into different funds and social arrangements. During audit expertize a correct calculation of tax base, especially its expense side, should be checked. On completing the audit, the audit organization must prepare an audit opinion about the results of the expertize. The audit opinion must be sent to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation within three months since the annual reports of the credit organization, bank groups and bank holding companies are presented to the Central Bank. The audit opinion of the bank’s activity may be prepared according to both Russian and international auditing standards. The audit opinion may be unqualified or modified. An unqualified opinion contains the auditor’s opinion without any notes and qualifications. In all other cases the auditor’s opinion is modified. The auditor must give a qualified opinion if there is a scope limitation of the auditor’s work. In case of a scope limitation of the audit, the audit organization may also disclaim of the audit opinion.

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Nowadays the bank audit is developed well enough in the Russian Federation. It is regulated by the federal legislation, orders, provisions, rules (standards). A great attention is paid to the professional education of auditors for credit organizations (banks). The bank audit market remains a prestigious and important direction in the field of the audit activity in the Russian Federation. It is necessary to take measures that allow to increase the quality control in the field of the bank audit.